Philanthropist of the Week!

Every month or so I interview a philanthropist and tell their story.  These are people who have been working for a cause for years–organizing, planning, fundraising, and everything else–and they have a lot to teach the rest of us.

With each of these people, I wanted to know why they got started with their work, how they do it, what kind of failures they’ve had, and what they’ve learned from them.  I figure if we can all learn from their successes and failure, we’ll all be better off in our own work.

I also wanted to tell their story in a way that would help them spread the word about their programs.  Give them a read and let these philanthropists know what you think about their programs!


Philanthropist of the Week! Archives:

#1 – Leo Ramirez – Minidonations!

#2 – Jon Thompson – Comunidad Connect!

#3 – Travis Breihan and Sophie Eckrich – Teysha!

#4 – Chuck Winkley – Child Inc!

#5 – Tab Barker – Project Schoolhouse!

#6 – Liana Mauro – Texas Advocacy Project!

What do you think?

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