A Short Travel Memoir – Nicaragua

Photography and Philanthropy in Nicaragua

High in the mountains of central Nicaragua, a three hour bus-ride from the closest city, fog gathers in the valleys as the sun rises over the eastern horizon. Bright blue sky fades into the white glare of the fog, obscuring the mountains behind the trees and silhouetting their thin branches.  A farmer’s home is outlined against the fog, the wooden cross-rails and ragged edge of the leaf roof still visible.  The right side of the picture places it in context, showing the softened ridge of a thickly grown mountain range.  Out of over 900 pictures taken on my last trip to Nicaragua, this is the one I’m the most happy about.  It is one of the few photos I’ve taken that captures the beauty of the area.

I’m writing a short travel memoir –  see this picture in context along with other great images by reading from here.  I’ll be posting a chapter each day.



Chapter One – Managua to Ometepe

Chapter Two – Volcanoes, Drunks, and Polio

Chapter Three – Salt, Sand, and Sunburned Skin

Chapter Four – Poverty and Happiness in La Chureca

Chapter Five – Rio Blanco and Home

What do you think?

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