MIT and Harvard For Free – You Want In?

Every four months:

“Oh my hell . . . I hate my job.  I want to go to school again.  I wish I would have studied harder when I was going to college a few years ago.”

—-“Yeah, that’d be awesome.  Then I could have good debates again, be pushed to explore new ideas, and have a schedule that would push me to learn more than I’m learning on my own.” 

“Meh, it’s too damn expensive.  Next Winter, maybe (or Fall, or Spring . . .)”

—-“Screw it, I can learn just fine on my own.  It’s about self-discipline.  All they’re really telling me in college courses is information I could find online anyway.” 

15 sticky-notes, 10 iTunes U downloads, and 3 book purchases, and a few weeks later . . . I’m back to the same old dialogue. “Ugh, I hate my job . . . I want to go back to school.”

C’est la vie.

If I’ve learned anything over the past year (and I think I’ve learned a lot), it’s because I’ve learned not to trust myself.  There’s the planning Jefferson and then there’s the doing Jefferson, and my planner seems to be full of hot air that only lasts a few days or a few weeks.  My planner is a cool guy, he’s always pushing me to do more, but he’s shifty and he knows it.  He leaves way too fast.  I don’t trust him.  I have to rely on my other side to actually get things done long-term.  So my planner bought two tickets to Nicaragua last year, started this blog, and told everyone I was going to start interviewing local philanthropists.  It’s been great – a seriously fun learning experience filled with a bunch of new friends.

But . . . I need to strong-arm myself into finishing something.  Structure of college courses would help.

The skinny

MIT and Harvard came together to form a new platform for ongoing learning, for free.  Get amped by watching this video:

Want to join me?

I signed up for the course called The Challenges of Global Poverty and I’m ready to tear it up and start some fun debates on the discussion forums.  It’s an 11-week course ala MIT – no shoddy “feel-good” education here, this is the real deal.  Every week there are a few reading assignments, some videos, and some homework.  Oh, and the discussion board – my favorite part.

You can sign up here, but do it fast – the course started this week.  If you don’t have the time, don’t worry – come here and to my Facebook page where I’ll be posting some of my thoughts.  Either way, I’d love for you to join in on the conversation.

All you’ll get at the end is a certificate and a bunch of new ideas bouncing around your brain that’ll help you understand the world better.

Who’s in? 

(Thanks to “Mean Gene” for tipping me off about this course!)

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