Nicaragua, Day 7 and 8 – Yeeeehaw!


Uh . . . the last couple of days have been awesome. I can’t give you the full scoop, but here’s what you should know for now:

1) I found what my first nonprofit will be.

2) We helped some dreams happen for a couple of kids today (“We” includes all of you who donated).

3) We helped a mother be with her kids more often today.

4) We helped provide a consistent source of income to a group of women today.


I know, I know, you’d LOVE for me to give you all the details, but . . . I’m sorry. Dramatic pause, you know what I mean?

Really, though, I want to dedicate a good amount of time to write out the full article with all the juicy details that make these stories so great. The people we helped today are so awesome, it deserves more time and attention to tell their stories in the right way.

WARNING: I’m going to count on you all some more in the future. I’m sorry, I know you hate doing good and helping people in super meaningful ways – it IS a drag – but I MIGHT have opportunities for you to continue being awesome in the future, if you’re ok with that. 😉

Seriously, if you’re interested in lending a hand to the boat loads of work I’ll have to do in the coming months (ya, I know you don’t even know what we’ll be doing, but go with me here) let me know!

I’ve had a few already who have said they’d love to help and the project will be fairly simple to start out with anyway – just let me know what skills you have and I’d love to involve you in the extremely purposefully vague thing I’m not giving you any details about right now!

Anyway . . . in the picture above are four new friends – Raúl, Alejandro, Eric, and . . . I don’t remember the kid’s name who I have my arm around, it was difficult to pronounce.

Eric beat me and Raúl in a game of scrabble, in spite of Raúl’s frequent attempts at bending the rules and my change that allowed me to use English words instead of Spanish.

They just finished reading “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” which happens to be part of my favorite childhood series, The Chronicles of Narnia. I read those about four times while growing up, exploding out of my chair on the Christmas my mom gifted me the whole set.

So, it was a perfect day for me to meet them. We chatted about the characters a lot and I told them about the next book in the series, The Horse and His Boy, hoping to incite them to read more of them so they’ll love them as much as I did!

Tomorrow we head into Río Blanco to work with Project Schoolhouse for a couple of days before heading home. I can’t wait to see María Inez there again, one of my favorite Nicaraguans.

So, adios until tomorrow!

p.s. – If you haven’t read the article on “La Chureca” yet, do it!

*hint hint

6 thoughts on “Nicaragua, Day 7 and 8 – Yeeeehaw!”

  1. This picture is officially awesome, and what you’re doing is officially awesomer (you’re welcome Brit). I miss you two, but I am SO incredibly proud of my “little” bro right now. Stay safe down there! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I think it all sounds so exciting! I really want my kids to be involved in volunteer stuff, so we would love to help and be a part of your new project. Maybe we can do things from up here or come down every month or so. Love you and can’t wait to hear all of the exciting details about your travels!

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