The Great Jersey Hunt!

Hey all!

Yesterday you met one of my new friends, Juan Antonio Carbrera – and he has one more request I wanted to call on your help for!  You see – Juan’s favorite hobby is baseball.  He loves watching it and talking about it, so I offered to do a couple of things for him for fun!  Video time!

Rough Translation

(Juan) “Thanks to everyone who contributed so this could help me, I feel very happy with my new mattress, for the other supplies, thank you very much. Thanks for sending Jefferson with this help. I thank you with all my heart.”
(me) “Haha, its all good, and we’re going to send you a baseball Jersey too, ok? And . . .”
(Juan) “Great, then, I’ll be waiting as well!”
(me) “Which team?”
(Juan) “Atlanta or Texas!”

Ok – so I’m giving the shout out to you all to see who can track down an extra Atlanta Braves Jersey!  Also – if you’re a baseball aficionado and know of some great baseball highlights movies, please post the titles below so I can burn him a DVD with some great content he can watch when there isn’t a game on TV.  We’ll send out the package, and ask him to send us back some pics sporting the new jersey, and see how he’s liking the other things you helped donate.

Just post down below if you can help out with either of those – thanks!

One thought on “The Great Jersey Hunt!”

  1. In less than a few hours we found a Jersey for a great price, donated by Mario Gonzalez! Everyone else who’s a baseball fan, please send me your favorite baseball dvd title and I’ll put together some cool vids for him to complete the package. Gracias!

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