Back From Nicaragua!

Well – despite the angst of many a family member I made it back alive, in 1 piece, and didn’t even bring diarrhea back with me!   Nicaragua was amazing and went beyond what I could have expected.  My very under-planned 11-day solo trip led me to spontaneous new friends and experiences in this beautiful and rich country and people, and changed many preconceptions I had about poverty.  Nicaragua has recently been the theater of terrible wars and the result of violence on the country is apparent.  Its people are strong and joyful despite hardships and are working towards improving their opportunities in the future for themselves and their children.  On my trip I had the opportunity to talk with Sandinista Militants, a young mother who rides the bus for 6 hours a day to sell tamales, made new friends who taught me how to surf, rode a school bus 6 hours into the dark and unknown of Rio Blanco with only one contact who hadn’t been answering her phone, helped two non-profits on the ground level and learned how they work and the impact they make, and so much more.  I can’t wait for the next trip!

So – here are a few of the pictures highlighting the scenery and more interesting moments, and the articles I post throughout the coming months will be drawing off of experiences I had in Nicaragua, and the lessons I learned.  Enjoy 🙂

What do you think?

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