Come to Nicaragua With Me!

nicaraguan child smiling

Hey all!

My Nicaragua trip is coming up in 2 short days!  I’m busy getting everything packed up, immunizations handled, and all that brooha, and thought I’d like to give others the chance to participate with me in my trip!  I’ll be going around to different non-profit groups and in the cities trying to experience the world of philanthropy and the people of Nicaragua, and I’ll be meeting a lot of people who deserve some love from my American friends – so if you’ve been wanting to give to a good cause but haven’t found an organization you feel passionate about, here’s a good opportunity to give a little bit and see the impact a small donation can make in someone’s life.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let me know how much you want to donate.  You can use PayPal or deposit it to my account at Wells Fargo titled “Nicaragua Donations.”
  2. I’ll look for a good opportunity to help someone out, and snap a pic of them so you can see who your money went to!  I’ll keep track of this while I’m away and update you when I get back.

Who it could help:

  • A talented artisan who lives by what they sell in the market each day.  It can buy excess cloth so they can build an inventory and start making a profit.
  • A farmer (for the same reason) to buy extra seed or fertilizer so they can buy more seed the next season.
  • Kids in rural areas who need books for their school.
  • A mother who deserves something nice from the market.
  • A hard working day laborer who wants to help send his child to college.

Of course the donation could go to any number of people as the opportunities present themselves, or directly to a non-profit I come across that I think is doing great work.  Who knows who will receive your donation?

Let me know if you’d like more details!

(If you’d like to participate – let me know who you are and how much you’re donating so I can keep track, and then you can donate via PayPal (click the button on the right) or by depositing to the separate Wells Fargo account I have titled “Nicaragua Donations” (just go into Wells and ask them to deposit it to me in that account and they’ll know what to do).  Everything donated will go directly towards helping others, none of this will go to paying for my trip.  If I don’t find someone to use your donation for I’ll give you a call and see if you’d like me to send the funds back to you or donate it somewhere else you’d like.  Also, this isn’t a tax-deductible contribution since I don’t yet have a 501(c)3 established, but is a great way to see the direct impact of your contribution!)

2 thoughts on “Come to Nicaragua With Me!”

  1. Jefferson – I’d like to send you $25 via paypal to see what comes of it. I applaud your initiative and kill forward to your report. Love UGLY!

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